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Hulda Clark Zapper | Everything you need to know
March 5, 2020 Lin

Hulda Clark Zapper | Everything you need to know

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What is a dr. Clark Zapper?

In the most simple terms, Zapper is a wave frequency generator machine that removes parasites from our bodies, named by its inventor dr. Hulda Clark. Parasites are organisms that seek food and shelter in our bodies. Once they are inside us they start multiplying and damaging some of our bodily functions (directly or indirectly!). There are thousands of different kinds of parasites such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, prions, fungi, molds, tapeworms and mites that can poison the human body with its toxins.  According to dr. Clark`s research, the majority of known diseases originate from parasites in our bodies. Keep in mind that diseases are usually triggered by multiple other harmful pathogens, but parasites have the leading role and are the most impactful. They are so harmful because they are hosts for other bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which reside inside them.

harmful parasites and pathogens

To combat this Dr. Hulda Clark invented the Zapper device. It works by sending a weak electric current through the body that destroys parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Zapper kills viruses and bacteria in 3minutes, tapeworms, liver fluke and earthworms in 5 minutes, mites in 7 minutes. Various studies have shown that weak electrical current is not harmful to humans, but devastating for microorganisms. Microorganisms do not tolerate low voltage of their frequency range and this applies to all types of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells.

Through research, Dr. Clarke discovered that tissue toxicity (caused by toxic secretions and metabolic products of microorganisms) is one of the leading causes of diseases. When the body is overwhelmed with parasites, it manifests itself in different ways: chronic illness, burnout, fatigue, fungal infections, candida and so on. By systematically destroying parasites we eliminate the cause and not the symptoms of a disease. The most troubling information is that we all have parasites in our bodies – it only depends if our body has control over parasites or if the parasites control our body (this is associated with the state of our health).

How does a zapper machine work?

Every organism emits a unique and specific frequency and if we expose them to this frequency they die. As we already mentioned at the start, Zapper uses frequency (think of it as a “wave generator”) to remove pathogen organisms from our bodies. It works on a 9V DC power supply and on 32000 Hz (or 32 kHz)frequency.  As a result, this combination of positive output frequency and voltage is designed to kill the vast majority of pathogen organisms.

Zapper machine by dr. Hulda Clark for parasite removal

In the picture above we have a classic example of a Zapper machine. The main unit is made of a plastic housing and consist of circuits and a chip that enables positive offset. On the plastic housing, there is a button that we use to turn the device on and off, accompanied by an LED light. Some models also have a knob that allows a user to manually switch frequencies, but that is usually unnecessary. This is because we would need to have a list of all parasites and their specific frequency – a long and tedious process!

Next, we need a way to connect this frequency from the Zapper and to us. The classic way is through two copper handles which enable the electric current to pass over into our body, where it kills all the pathogen organisms. Another popular alternative to copper handles is gel pad electrodes, where we just place the electrodes on our skin, whereas we have to hold copper electrodes in our hands the whole time during treatment.

DIY Zappers

We have also found some home or DIY (do it yourself) Zappers on the internet. While they can probably be effective, it is important to follow some guidelines: the voltage has to be between 5-10 V and the most important thing is the offset. It HAS to be 100% positive or it becomes harmful to our body! Any DIY Zapper should be tested with an oscilloscope, which is why we never recommend buying or using one (unless you know exactly what you are doing), as things can quickly go wrong. Is it worth experimenting with your health in order to save a bit of money? You be the judge of that.

Zapper treatment process

There are different treatment processes or programs that you can find all over the internet. In this post, we will be focusing only on the Classic one, which Dr. Clark considered the standard. This protocol consists of three 7-minute “zapping” intervals, each with a 20-30 minute break. Here is the process:

  • 7 minutes zapping followed by a 20-minute pause

In this first cycle, Zapper device eliminates parasites by removing their outer membrane. This makes the parasite release all small parasites, bacteria and viruses that were living inside of it.

  • 7 minutes zapping followed by a 20-minute pause

In this cycle, we destroy harmful pathogens that were released by the first cycle.

  • 7 minutes zapping followed by a 20-minute pause

In the third and last cycle, we remove any other possible pathogens that were living inside the bacteria, viruses and smaller parasites that were in the second cycle.

So there we have it, simple yet very effective. Here is a short video presentation of a Zapper removing the outer membrane and releasing harmful pathogens that were inside of it. Pretty fascinating if you ask us!

zapper parasite removal short clip

Ideally, we use the Zapper device before 9 pm, as human organs switch polarity around that time. These are just fancy for words for saying that after 9 pm our organs enter a natural resting period.


Just like everything, dr. Hulda Clark Zapper device also has limitations. First of all, it should not be used by a pregnant woman or anyone that has a pacemaker. This is because these two groups of people have certain risks. In order to reduce those risks. it is probably not a good idea to subject your body to electrical frequencies, no matter how low they are.

We also can not target pathogen organisms in hollow organs (eyes, gut, stomach, very toxified organs,…) with the Zapper. While the device is very effective in what it does, its electric current doesn’t travel very well across the skin and inside hollow organs. This is why Dr. Clark also recommended Zapper treatment with herbal tinctures. These two together form a true powerhouse, as they address the whole body, organ by organ. We are not going to go deep into the topic of herbal tincture in this post. However, we recommend the book “Clark Therapy: Health and Prevention At Any Age” on this topic. It is a book packed with useful information, guides and most important – it is very readable!

how to remove parasites with Zapper and herbal tinctures

In conclusion…

Zappers are a fantastic way to rid our bodies with existing and future parasites that invade it. Dr. Clark has devoted the majority of her life to provide us with an answer and her countless success stories speak for themselves. Above all our body is a complex system and we should treat it as such. We have to understand that “conventional” medicine usually just focuses on the symptoms and not the cause. In the past few decades, Dr. Clark`s therapy has helped thousands of people cure their health problems. Most noteworthy among these issues were diabetes, hepatitis, Crohn disease, depression, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, dermatitis, and many others. The result in the majority of these cases was a complete recovery. Also, this therapy does not present any health risks for the human organism, which is why many people choose to at least try it out.

Here at IONEX, we offer two models of Zappers. Both are made according to dr. Clark`s specifications, affordable and with quality components. We tried and tested them on ourselves and the feedback from our current customers has been very positive as well. We have the classic copper handles model and the other one which uses gel pad electrodes instead of copper handles.

Link to the copper handle model:

Link to the gel pad electrodes:

For any questions always feel free to write to us.



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