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IONEX participates in matchmaking event promoted by the EIC pilot and Saint-Gobain
May 29, 2019 Lin

IONEX participates in matchmaking event promoted by the EIC pilot and Saint-Gobain

Posted in Clean Air, Healthier environment, IONEXAir

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and Saint-Gobain promoted a matchmaking day for start-ups and scaleups working in the sector of advanced materials and innovative manufacturing technologies. On 22-23 May 2019, IONEX d.o.o. was one of the 15 companies pitching and meeting Saint-Gobain in Paris.

The companies in attendance were selected based on their innovative approaches to advanced materials and innovative manufacturing technologies, among others. From the corporate side, there were representatives from Saint-Gobain.

IONEX presented their latest innovation IONEXAir, which is an air ionizer for installation in HVAC systems, HVAC devices or in other products. It brings a much healthier and cleaner indoor air; better, calmer and more pleasant atmosphere and improves general well-being of people in living, working, public or commercial environments.

It uses a specially designed carbon brush, which emits large numbers of negative ions without ever generating any harmful by-products like ozone, thus removing all air pollutants, including the smallest PM particle. Negative ions also bring therapeutic effects, like lowering stress hormone and histamine in human body, increasing focus and working performance, preventing fatigue, improving immune system; all these in a natural way without any unwanted side effects.

Thomas Kinisky, Senior Vice-President, Chief Innovation Officer and Chairman North America stressed the importance of working with smaller companies: “Start-ups and scaleups are sensing what happens in terms of technology and in terms of markets. If we can embrace them and bring that sensing into Saint-Gobain, take that external view and internalise it, it’s a big benefit for us as a company. It makes us speed up our development, finding business models that we weren’t event thinking about, and finding technical concepts that we had never seen before. Open innovation is definitely a priority for us.”

Minas Apelian, Director NOVA External Ventures, highlighted the quality of companies he met: “The European Innovation Council has a great network of SMEs that it’s connected with. The entrepreneurs I met today are highly passionate and very diverse in the projects and the thinking. I’m certain the ideas presented today will be an inspiration for our business teams.”

Lin Lukša, CEO of IONEX company, was very enthusiastic about the event: “We’re very happy to have participated in this matchmaking day promoted by the EIC pilot business acceleration services. We believe our solution, mission and values are very much aligned with the concepts, business and values of Saint-Gobain and its partners and we hope the connections we made can help us scale-up our business.”


The purpose of the EIC Corporate Days is to promote business between big corporates – which are always looking for innovative solutions to improve their products and services – and the SMEs funded by the EIC pilot.