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Ionic Hairbrush with LED therapy and USB charging

Ionic Hairbrush with LED therapy and USB charging


This Ionic Hairbrush with LED therapy and USB charging stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss. At the same time, negative ions remove static electricity from the hair. The massage function, after all, ensures better circulation of the scalp in this, resulting in a greater flow of nutrients into the hair follicles.

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Dimensions 26 × 10 × 6 cm



USB charging

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Brush weight: 0.16 kg, Brush weight in packaging: 0,22 kg.


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How negative ions affect hair?

Negative ions are negatively charged particles (electrons) in the air that can not be seen with the naked eye, because the diameter of the negative ion is as large as the millimeter of the diameter of the water vapor particle. They are unstable, therefore they bind to other particles (dust, dirt) and, in particular, positively charged ions (static electricity).

With the aid of negative ions, we remove the positive charge from the hair, which causes the hair to be electrified and unwieldy. Static electricity with hair is removed with a brush with gentle brush. At the same time, negative ions penetrate each hair, completely surround it and close the epidermis of the hair. This prevents moisture in the hair and improves the flexibility of the hair. Therefore, the hair is more vital, glossy and healthy. You can even straighten your hair with longer combing.

Massage function

In addition to the red light and ion therapy, the massage function begins to work, when the hair brush is turned on. The massage function will pamper your scalp and ensure good blood circulation. The hair will get more nutrients and will be healthier, smoother and shiny.

Ionic heairbrush with LED therapy and USB charging works on the integrated battery, which can be charged through the USB cable supplied together with the hairbrush.

Benefits of using a red light therapy

The therapy with red LED light is very healing and useful for our scalp.  The hair is constantly renewed. Its life cycle consists of three periods, which are constantly being repeated under normal conditions:

  • In the first period (anagen phase – a growth phase), lasting from 3 to 5 years, the hair grows and strengthens.
  • After this, they enter into second period (hereinafter: catagen phase – a transition phase). In this phase the hair rests, which lasts about 3 weeks. The hair remains on the head, but it does not grow.
  • Then follows a three-month period (telogen phase – a resting and a fall-off phase), when the hair falls out, letting the hair follicles to produce new hair.

Each hair follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times, otherwise all your hair would fall out at once. Instead, you only shed a certain number of hairs a day – up to 80 hairs on a healthy head of hair. Usually, 75-85% of the hair is in the anagen phase, 2% in the catagen phase is 15-18% in the telogen phase.

In studies, red LED light therapy has been found to increase the blood flow in the hair follicles and to promote the metabolism of hair follicles in the catagen or telogen phase. This accelerates their transition to the anagen phase, meaning that the light-stimulated epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle pass from resting  and fall-off phase into the growth phase.

Growth is accelerated only in alive hair follicles, but does not allow the damaged or dead hair follicles to grow again.

For faster effect, serums can be used together with red LED light therapy to promote hair growth.

LED light therapy is completely safe and does not cause any unwanted side effects.