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Japanese toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity

Japanese toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity


The Japanese toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity is an ideal solution for people who want to effectively, safely and painlessly solve or prevent problems with periodontitis, tartar, bleeding gums and loose teeth. It also removes and protects your teeth from caries, inflammation and bad breath. Because the brush uses the principle of polarity, its use is particularly gentle on enamel/gums and can also remove existing plaque that would otherwise have to be removed at the dentist.

Available in white, blue and pink color. Quantity discount:
– 1 to 2 brushes = 25 € / piece
– 2+ toothbrush = 24€ / piece

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White, Blue, Pink


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TheJapanese toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity offers the following benefits:

Removes dental plaque which normal toothbrushes cant – because ionic toothbrushes work based on the principle of polarity, they can reach plaque even in the hardest to reach places.

Fast results – you can expect to see first results in as little as a couple of days.

Completely safe and painless – does no harm to dental fillings, implants, bridges, crowns etc.

Effective at reversing and preventing periodontitis – removes tartar, hardens the gums and stops loosening of teeth.

Saves gums – recent feedback confirms that the Japanese toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity stops bleeding of the gums, in addition to stopping gingivitis.

Toothpaste optional – you do not need to use toothpaste when you brush your teeth with an ionic toothbrush. All that is required is some water in your mouth and that’s it!

Gentle, gum-friendly bristles – water and polarity do all the hard teeth cleaning work. No more gum pain due to pressing the bristles too hard against your teeth.

Cheap alternative to tartar cleaning at the dentist – due to the fact, that the ionic toothbrush can remove (and prevent) tartar on its own as well.

Added value – ionic toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity has the combined functions of a normal/electric toothbrush, interdental brush, and dental floss; all in one place.

Financial savings in the long run – since the head/bristles are replaceable, you do not need to change the whole toothbrush after some time.

Long lifespan – a durable lithium battery enables a lifespan of 6 months.

How does it work?

The physical law of polarity means that every element in nature has a positive or negative charge-polarity. At the same polarity, elements repel each other and at opposite polarity they are attracted to each other.

Toothbrushes with polarity use technology that allows the brush head to become negatively charged while the dental plaque is positively charged. In this process, the tooth enamel temporarily changes its polarity from negative to positive. Consequently, the positively charged dental plaque peels off from the tooth (which has the same polarity) and sticks to the negatively charged brush head. As a result, dental plaque is permanently removed – even from the most hidden corners of the teeth. This cannot be achieved with any other toothbrush, at least not in such a great capacity.

Regular use of this ionic toothbrush prevents the formation of caries, bad breath, removes tartar, bacteria, inflammation, takes care of healthy gums (as it prevents their bleeding). It is also suitable for people with periodontitis and sensitive gums, as it has been proven to prevent tooth decay. There is no need to press the toothbrush on the gums and teeth as everything is done with polarity.

The head of the toothbrush consists of lower hard synthetic bristles, which are designed to hold their shape, and upper gentle bristles, which are used to brush our teeth. Due to its gentle upper bristles, the toothbrush belongs to the category of soft brushes. We advise brushing gently and with circular motions, as recommended by dentists. No toothpaste is required.

Instructions for use

Add a little water to your mouth, moisten the brush/your hand, and make contact with the metal plate, which can be found in the middle of the handle – as seen on the photo.

Clean your teeth with gentle circular motions as advised by dentists. Brush approximately 3-4 minutes. Do not press the brush hard on your teeth, as the polarity and water do the majority of cleaning.


After use, pack and wipe the brush to avoid the accumulation of bacteria on wet bristles.

Japanese toothbrush KISS YOU with polarity has a shelf life of 6 months. Dispose of used brushes in electrical waste.