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Zapper Orgone Rapid 30kHz With Gel Electrodes

Zapper Orgone Rapid 30kHz With Gel Electrodes


Kill Harmful bacteria

Release Congestion


ZAPPER is a frequency wave generator that removes parasites from your body through vibration. In each body, they are located and spread many of a number parasites that are harmful to health. Zapper uses a specific 30 kHz frequency that kills all parasites – otherwise we would have to deal with each parasite on an individual frequency.

Gel electrodes allow for an easier use of the Zapper device as we just apply them on our skin which keeps our hands free. This device is also compatible with copper handles, should you wish to switch them with gel electrodes at a later time.

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Zaper - what is it?

Zapper Rapid 30 kHz Orgone with copper handles is a frequency wave generator that removes parasites from your body by vibration. In every body, many parasites are located and spread, as they are constantly feeding with various metals and molds, which enter in our body in traces with food, by air, etc.  We eat metal in traces from amalgam tooth fillings, metal dish, metal cutlery; we also get it from water that runs through metal plumbing pipes, etc.

Parasites are the cause of many diseases, which are still incurable: Alzheimer disease, Parkins disease, etc.

Dr. Hulda Clark developed Zapper, an unique device, that is completely harmless to the body. She wrote also a book about this, titled “The Therapy for All Diseases”, where she explains how she cured a number of patients with this therapy.
It works with a weak current of 3.5 mA, 9V voltage and does not cause any damage to the human body. It should NOT be used only by people with cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women and babies.

How does it work?

Zapper damages negatively charged outer membrane of a parasite with a weak current. The negative charge of outer membrane protects the parasite from white blood cells (=immune system), so they are not able to remove them from the body, because the white blood cells also have a negative charge. We know the law of polarity from the physics, which states that the elements with the same charge repel each other, and with the opposite charge, they attract each other. Because the white blood cells have the same charge, they are not able to remove parasites. When we use a zapper, parasites lose their outer membrane with a negative charge and the white blood cells can easily remove them, clean the body, relieve pain (eg. migraines) and cure the body.

Various studies have shown that a weak electric current does not cause any harm to humans, but individual frequencies destroy microorganisms. Viruses and bacteria are killed in three minutes, tapeworms, liver fluke, and worms in five minutes and mites in seven minutes.

parasites in the human body

How parasites affect our body

Parasites are small organisms that enter our body through body openings, wounds and respiratory tracts, searching for a shelter and food for their living and reproduction. Parasites are carriers of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Contaminants, which feed the parasites, come into our body with the air we inhale, the food and drink we eat, and the products that we put onto the skin.

Parasites are harmful for us becouse they change the chemical functions in body processes, which disrupts the normal functioning of cells, damage the tissues by withdrawing nutrients, they poison us with the substances they eliminate in their processes. These toxic secretions cause tissue toxicity, which is one of the main causes of  diseases. As much as 95% of known diseases derive from the presence of parasites and toxins in the body.

If a person is infected with parasites, he/she can often have: headaches, rash, fever, cramps, feels weak, vomits, perspirates at nights, can be apathetic, depressed, chronically tired, have allergies to food, is unhealthy, is irritable, hyperactive, etc.

Overload with parasites is seen as chronic illness, burnout, fatigue, fungal infection, pain in various parts of the body, migraine, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, various cancers (often found in liver), HIV, endometriosis (causing infertility and pain), Chron’s disease (an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract and thus causes chronic inflammation), Kaposi’s sarcoma (a tumor caused by human herpesvirus, with other factors ), immunosuppression (inhibition of the normal functioning of the immune system), oxidative stress (free radicals), diabetes (in the pancreas of the Eurytreum flea), asthma (in the lungs Ascaris-common parathyroid), arthritis-joint pain (curves are bacteria They come from major parasites-cormorants (Ascaris, hookworm, Strongyloides, Trichinella – with all and the brain can be infected in addition to joints), colds (the presence of mycotoxins and alfatoxins), pain in the heart (the curvature is a dog’s parasitic mud) – if you have a dog, you should give to him the herbal anti-parasite food.

Before treatment, drink plenty of water to make it easier for the body to detoxify. The therapy lasts for a total of 61 minutes, divided as follows:

  • In the first 7 minutes, (we turn on the appliance and hold the handles in our hands) we destroy the parasites, then we make a 20- minute pause, so that viruses and bacteria get released from the dying parasites;
  • Then again, hold the handles for 7 minutes. In the second round we destroy bacteria and viruses relesed in the previous step, then make again a 20-minute pause. In this time, the  viruses from dying bacteria get released;
  • And finally, the last 7-minute round to destroy the last released viruses.

These repetitions are neededto destroy the parasites in the first phase, and then destroy the bacteria and viruses that lived within the first parasites in the second and third stages.

For the preservation of health, dr. Hulda Clark recommends to use Zapper once a week, for people with colds, flu, and angina 3-4 times a week. In most cases, a flu or a cold are cured after one therapy. It is important to drink plenty of pure water so that the body can eliminate all toxins out of body. It should NOT be used only by people with cardiac pacemakers, pregnant women and babies.

After the usage of Zapper, Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction may occur. This is a reaction to the toxins, released when the harmful microorganisms in the human body are killed.  This reaction is usual in treatments with antibiotics. Effective treatment destroys the cell membrane of a bacteria and releases toxins into the bloodstream, causing inflammation. The body’s immune system rapidly comes into action and removes the bacteria and inflammation; however, a person can sweat, has fever, headache, chills, muscle pains, low blood pressure,  etc in the meantime.

After using Zapper device they can happen similar effects, but they are not life-threatening. Possible symptoms may occur within a few hours after using Zapper and may include fever, low blood pressure, headache, muscle pain, restlessness, fever; but they resolve spontaneously within a few hours. You can drink water, with C vitamin or other substances that have anti-inflammatory effects to accelerate the elimination of symptoms.

Therefore, we should not use the Zapper device more than one hour per day, as the body could get poisoned by the excessive amount of toxins from dead parasites, bacteria and viruses we have in our body. After using zapper for 14 days, we have to make a 14-day pause and repeat the tretment the following month.