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Zappicator – For Foods And Drinks

Zappicator – For Foods And Drinks


hrana in pijača

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Zappicator is used for removal of parasites and other organisms in food. It turns harmful substances nontoxic and consequently makes them safer to eat. It is especially useful for raw food, meat, fruits, vegetables and also processed food.

Besides food we can also use Zappicator on cosmetics, water, other drinks, plants (to remove mold that appears when we water them) and other smaller everyday objects

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Parasites in our body

We all have certain types of parasites in our bodies. The most exposed ones are people with a weakened immune system and children. A problem with parasites occurs when we either have too many of them or when they carry certain diseases. Practically all diseases come from parasites, but are not limited by them. They can cause us harm directly or indirectly but their presence in our body is always harmful. The issue with parasites is that they carry bacteria, viruses and fungi inside them. A common practice we currently have is that we treat our bodies for a specific bacteria/virus instead of destroying its host first – parasite.

How Zappicator works

Zappicator device was developed by world renowned dr. Hulda Clark, a pioneer on the field of bioresonance technology. It uses electromagnetic field (EMF in short) to remove the cellular membranes of microorganisms, consequently destroying harmful pathogens and baceria. Zappicator device uses the standard protocol, developed by Dr. Clark and it emits a square wave form with a frequency output of 1000 Hz and a 100% positive offset. Its antennas are made out of 5 powerful neodim speakers with a north polarity.

As we already mentioned, Zappicator uses frequency to remove all kinds of parasites from food before we ingest it. At the same time this frequency also changes the structure of water and removes its previous memory which increases it`s quality.

Zappicator is especially useful for people who mainly eat raw or non-processed foods, so it is great to use for vegans, vetegarians, fruitairans and similar.

We can not use Zappicator for removal of nonliving substances such as chemicals (mercury in food, different additives,…)

The inside of Zappicator consists of an orgone accumulator which adds biofrequency spectrum energy to any object that we put on top of the device. Orgone was first discovered by Austrian doctor William Reich who believed that we can collect the energy around it and transfter it onto living organisms. The only weakness of orgone is that it can not pass through metal, which consequently stops the frequency waves from the orgone accumulator aswell. Thus it is very important that we do not put metal plates or bowls on top of the Zappicator device, because it will not be able to penetrate it.

Instructions on how to use

Plug the AC/DC 9V 200mA adapter into an electricity socket and also connect the female plug into the zappicator socket.

Turn the device on, place an object (food, water, cosmetics,…) on top of the device and leave it there for 20-25 minutes. A LED light will be displayed during this time. After the 20-25 minutes have passed the cleansing process is completed. At this point you turn off the device by pressing the O symbol which will also make the LED light turn off. After that unplug the device from the socket.

Range of Zappicator is 25-35cm in vertical direction, measured from the top of the device (where we put food or other objects on).

Zappicator msut be kept dry at all times! Do not put food or drinks on top of it in a metal container, but instead use glass or plastic.

The device is meant for individuals and their personal use only. Zappicator is not a medical device. It should not be used in any other way apart from what is written in the instruction manual. Do not expose the device to heat and moisture. Keep it away from small chidlren. The device should not be used by children and people with mental disorders, to prevent wrong use. Do not open the device. Do not use the device if any part of it is damaged. In case you want to throw it away, please deposit it under discarded electronic equipment and recycle it.

Technical specifications

  • 1 kHz square wave with a 100% positive offset
  • 5 strong neodin antennas with north polarity
  • Orgone unit

Packet includes:

Bio puls food Zappicator device for water and foor cleansing

AC/DC 9v 200 mA power supply unit