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Presented below are summaries of customer letters. The originals are kept at the Ionex offices.


Above all expectations! An amazing health effect in autoimmune disease FIBROMYALGIA! The effect was already visible after one week of regular ion therapy (I inhale 3 times a day). The ionizer is constantly turned on where I linger the most.

Gabriela Kunc, April 2020

IONEX air ionizers have been serving us at home and at work for over ten years now. I am very satisfied with them as we have better health and well-being. In 2018, I started using IONEX car ionizer in my car when the three of us went travelling by car through Spain and Portugal for a longer time in the summer. We did almost 11,000km with the ionizer constantly turned on, it was over 30 ° Celsius and no air conditioning. The results were extraordinary: We needed less sleep – at least 2-3 hours less, we were never tired – even after 6 to 16 hours of driving; we were always up for a new activity – there were a lot of spontaneous new suggestions. We were always creatively cooperative – without a single conflict, always in a good mood – we laughed at our own expense every day. And the team was unanimous – the ionizer contributed a lot to this great trip.

Janko Lah, June 2019

I have a rustic oven in the living room. Before using IONEX air ionizer, I had problems with sore throat every heating season. Despite being careful with the burning, there is still some smoke coming out the oven and spreading around the room. Sometimes we don’t even notice it.
After using the ionizer for only 14 days, the pain disappeared. This was 3 years ago.
Since the ionizer performed more than excellent, I bought 2 more for other rooms.

Marjana, February 2018

Your body becomes flooded with a symphony of wellbeing and comfort as soon as the little helper IONEX creates an atmosphere brimming with negative ions. You feel as though a storm had just passed and your troubles become distant memories, giving way to relaxation, calmness and vitality. It has a beneficial effect on your body that’s confirmed by a decades-long body of experience. You should not only opt for an air ionizer when conventional medicine has failed you. It can be a big help even if your health is fine. We doctors are always saying that many health problems would be­come far less pronounced and might even disappear completely if people could only avoid stress. Studies indicate there are many benefits offered by negative ions and you really should try them out for yourself. What’s important is that ionization can improve your life and allows you to achieve great results without suffering any side effects. Long-term exposure to ionised air will result in long-term improvement. Negative ions are natural antidepressants and help fight sleeplessness. Having read this book, I must commend the author for her tremendous effort in presenting and explaining the therapy, prevention and environmental health involving the extremely beneficial negative ions. Perhaps the benefits of ioniza­tion shown here will encourage those who are still on the fence to take that first step and start living in harmony with their friendly helper IONEX. My personal experience supports the above facts.

Dr. Mirjam Levstik Bravničar, MD, September 2015

/…/ I’ve been using the IONEX air ionizer for two months. Before that, I had problems with grass and dust mite allergies. Believe it or not, I’ve raked grass and hay several times since then, expect­ing my allergies to flare up, but they never did – my allergies are gone for good! The only thing I had to do was inhale negative ions multiple times a day. /…/

Janja Grabner, 16 June 2015

My personal experience with using the IONEX air ionizer

I’m a retired oncology surgeon. During my childhood, I suffered from frequent bacterial and viral infections and the reason could never be found at the time. Later on, medical progress made it pos­sible to determine what was behind my frequent infections, which were often caused by unusual pathogens. It was found that I have a congenital white blood cell disorder (T and B lymphocytes) and that my body’s immune response to infection is very weak as a re­sult. My problems progressed over time, what with being exposed to infections and various harmful factors in my workplace. Fol­lowing retirement, my immune system was weakened even further after I underwent multiple major surgeries. I was plagued by aller­gies to various medications and to allergens in the environment.

In January 2014, I made the decision to test the IONEX air ionizer to see whether it could help with my problems. With regular use, my allergies have subsided and I’ve even found that the ionizer removes any unpleasant smells from the room very quickly.

Making a more precise evaluation of the IONEX air ionizer’s effec­tiveness will require time. However, what I’ve seen so far suggests that it really does help with infections and allergies.

Marija Auersperg, 18 March 2015

/…/ I’m very happy to report that I no longer need allergy medica­tion now that I have the IONEX air ionizer. And my sneezing has stopped as well. /…/

Cvetka Adanič, 22 November 2013

/…/ In recent years, I began having various problems; I was ex­hausted all the time, my heart would pound wildly and I had high blood pressure, aching muscles and a constant lack of appetite. I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. My doctor recommended taking synthetic hormones. Because of my bad experience with hormones in the past, I decided to go against his recommenda­tion. After reading in some magazine that negative ions regulate the thyroid function, I purchased an IONEX air ionizer and my troubles are now in the past. I’m very happy with my ionizer and carry it with me whenever I travel or go to the spa. /…/

Vida Mikolič, October 2013

/…/ Having received the IONEX air ionizer as a present, I’ve been us­ing it nonstop. Since I started using it, I found that my wellbeing has improved, I’m more focused and I’m able to perform my everyday tasks more easily and with greater energy. I also sleep better at night. My late father would also sometimes use the ionizer as he was bed­ridden. I noticed that he slept more soundly and was able to breathe more easily and smoothly. During that time, he didn’t contract any bacterial or viral infections, which is sadly what happened later in the hospital. This is why I’m very much in favour of using air ionizers in hospitals, retirement homes and any other facilities where many sick and healthy people come into contact with each other. /…/

Milica Pavček, 23 April 2010

/…/ Two years ago, I bought two air ionizers, one for my daughter’s family and one for my son’s. Since my granddaughter is allergic to dust and dust mites, I recommended that she inhale negative ions from the carbon brush. It worked within six months – her nose was no longer stuffy and her eyes stopped burning. I myself used regular inhalations of negative ions to reduce my blood pressure within one year. /…/

Ida Ravdar, May 2010

/…/ I’m a long-time user of air conditioning and was dependent on the air supply from the AC unit when I was working abroad. My health became much worse and I was constantly suffering from colds even though I was taking vitamins and going to the gym. When I was staying in Slovenia, I saw an article on the IONEX air ionizer that convinced me to try it out. Since I’m allergic to dust mites, I inhaled negative ions and found that my health improved considerably. My colleagues at work noticed that they were feeling better in my office than theirs, even though I had never mentioned ionization before. I always take the air ionizer with me to hotels and when going on holidays or business trips. My health has stayed completely stable since then. /…/

Tadej, Ljubljana, 14 July 2010

/…/ Since my daughter is allergic to dust, I opted for the IONEX air ionizer two years ago. I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and fresh the air in the rooms was after just one week. I followed themanufacturer’s advice and had my daughter inhale negative ions directly from the ionizer. With time, her nasal congestion cleared up and her sleep became more relaxed. /…/

Marjana Strmičnik, 5 September 2009

/…/ I’m an allergic person, but what causes my allergies still hasn’t been determined precisely. I was most sensitive to house dust and pollen. A year ago, I bought an IONEX air ionizer and was posi­tively surprised within the first week of use. The air in my rooms was clean and by breathing negative ions from the carbon brush, I was soon able to get rid of my problems. /…/

Milena Planinšek, 21 April 2008

/…/ Being allergic to dust, I was constantly suffering from persistent coughs and nasal congestion. Someone told me to try inhaling nega­tive ions from the carbon brush of the IONEX air ionizer and that’s what I did. I inhaled small doses throughout the day. My nasal con­gestion cleared up within a day and a half! After several years I was finally able to sleep with my mouth closed and get a good night’s rest. My cough was cured as well. Since I started carrying the ionizer with me to work two years ago, my problems have vanished. /…/

Stanka Prašnikar, August 2008

/…/ Since I’m allergic to dust and mites, I frequently found it dif­ficult to fall asleep because of my constant coughing. Now that I use the IONEX air ionizer, my cough is gone. Most importantly, my blood pressure has dropped from the usual 160/90–170/95 to 135/85 on average within a matter of days after my purchase with­out me even realising, and without changing anything in my medi­cations. Since I couldn’t believe what my blood pressure monitor was showing, I went to see my doctor and did the measurement there as well, but the results were the same.

The ionizer also has a favourable effect on the skin. One time, I ac­cidentally scratched a wart on my forearm and a white patch ap­peared there. After making an appointment with a dermatologist, I decided to try placing my hand under the air ionizer’s carbon brush every night. The patch disappeared within a few days and hasn’t come back in two years. /…/

Dana Kavšček, 30 March 2007

/…/ I bought the IONEX air ionizer for my lung condition and asthma. I’m very happy with it and recommend it for older people, in particular those with lung problems, as well as for young chil­dren and pregnant women./…/

Erna Slamič, 30 May 2007

/…/ Two months ago, I bought your air ionizer and I can already say with certainty that I made the right decision. All my rooms are now filled with the most wonderful air and I have found that my chronic nasal dryness problem has largely vanished. /…/

Sonja Trobec, 23 January 2006

/…/ We decided to buy the ionizer because we were bothered by the house dust, particularly in the children’s room. Within a few days of use, we noticed that the dust stopped flying around and stayed where it landed, making it much easier to wipe away. We recommend it for families with young children in particular and basically for everyone who wants to do something more to preserve their health. /…/

The Kunaver family, November 2006

/…/ We’ve been using air ionizers in the living room, the bedroom and our car for a number of years. I have to say that our family couldn’t do without them anymore. Everyone having problems with driving in a car should get a car air ionizer, in my opinion. I strongly recommend that people with asthma get an air ionizer for the living room and bedroom. /…/

Rado Ambrož, January 2005

/…/ Your air ionizer works perfectly and using it I am very close to bringing my severe allergy under control. Since buying it a year ago, I almost never have to take allergy medication and can sleep well at night. /…/

Rado Kladnik, 21 August 2005

/…/ Everyone in my family is happy with the ionizer and is feeling extremely good. I was particularly pleased with my last medical exam – my skin and respiratory tract allergy test results were ex­cellent. /…/

Metod Zupančič, 19 November 2005

/…/ I developed a cough sometime after I retired. I couldn’t get rid of it with teas, large amounts of vitamins or by watching what I ate. Then, I bought your air ionizer for my apartment. The ef­fects were immediately noticeable. Within a matter of days, the ionizer produced cleaner air in the room, almost got rid of dust and odours, and what really surprised me, removed the smell of mildew, which I could never get rid of before. Furthermore, mycough began to disappear after a few days and was completely gone within two months. /…/

Dr. Srečko Bergant, 26 March 2002

/…/ I was plagued by breathing problems in that I could not breathe through my nose because it was always congested. My problems would start in September and would last for different times every time, sometimes I’d even have to take pills the whole year round. After I started using your ionizer though, my problems began to disappear slowly and did not reappear next year. I now have an air ionizer in my kitchen, the living room and in the bedroom. It’s really worth it, because my breathing problems are now a thing of the past. /…/

Maruša Hafner, May 2002

/…/ We live above a restaurant in the centre of the city. Regard­less of whether we shut our windows or not, the smell of food al­ways finds its way into our apartment; I’m particularly bothered by the smell of onions. I’ve tried using various air fresheners, but that didn’t help at all. However, with the IONEX air ionizer, the unpleasant smells have disappeared. I’ve since discovered that I haven’t had a cold in two years as well, even though I used to get the flu every year before. /…/

Sanda from Ljubljana, April 2002

/…/ Some years ago, I started having anxiety attacks that would not stop for days. I slept very poorly, waking up several times each night. I was very adamant about not taking any pills because I was afraid of becoming addicted. Then I read about how negative ions can eliminate anxiety problems and improve wellbeing. I imme­diately bought your ionizer, keeping it with me a lot, even during sleep. I’m now able to sleep wonderfully, I almost never wake up in the middle of the night and my anxiety is gone. /…/

Nada from Ljubljana, 15 January 2001

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