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Ionex Ionizers

Indoor air, which most of us breathe far more often than outdoor air, is of primary importance to our health. In general ionizers produce negative ions by a carbon brush or metal needle and have a positive effect on the environment. They neutralise odours and contribute to the clean air for ex. a fresh smell we find in non industrial rural areas or the refreshing air we inhale after a thunderstorm.

Ionex ionizers do not include ventilation, as conditioned for air filters, because no filter in the world is able to retain submicron particles (0.01 micron). These are the most dangerous and are being accumulated in our lungs at all times. Air cleaning with a large amount of negative ions (anions) is the best way to prevent accumulation in the lungs.

There are several positive effects of ionization, which have also been confirmed by several medical institutes around the world. We experience air that is completely, 100% clean, all because of a simple use of physical and chemical laws. An ionizer therefore has a beneficial effect on health and ensures comfortable living conditions.

Negative ions

Air molecules or air atoms are invisible particles, which carry an electric charge. They are called “ions” and can be positively or negatively charged. The ions concentration is extremely different from place to place and can cause both direct and indirect changes in electric field strength in the immediate vicinity of an organism. Science has led us to new discoveries; such interference can be reduced and even avoided, thanks to the influence that the electricity of the air exerts on our organism. The influence of negative ions on our organism is one of the most important ones in modern biology.

Various electrical devices in an apartment, other devices and construction materials create positively charged particles. These are the particles that impair our well-being, intensify tiredness and can cause headaches or make breathing more difficult. These particles and other pollutants (dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses, odours, smoke, chemicals, exhaust gases …) float in the air and we inhale them.

Negative ions bind with these airborne positive particles – even smaller then 1 micrometre such as: dirt, dust, formaldehyde, resin excretions, viruses, bacteria, odours, mite faeces, dead skin particles – and neutralize them. They drop to the floor due to the gravity and cannot be lifted any more, having been ionised. Even the smallest, most hazardous air impurities of size 0.01 microns – cigarette smoke, pollen, PM particles and aerosols – are successfully neutralized. They are the greatest risk to the health as biological defend mechanisms do not cope efficiently with such pollution. Negative ions also remove odours, as they are just submicron particles that enter the nostrils and we perceive it.

Scientific Research

Scientific research had proven negative ions to be essential. In an experiment, mice that were supplied with ion-free oxygen died. NASA found out that astronauts suffered from muscle cramps in space but had no troubles after the ionizers were installed. A study of test groups in their actual working environments showed that there are 30% less sick people in ionized premises, who also had a higher job performance. Some working environments are a real nutrient medium for various diseases, especially modern premises where air and temperature are regulated by air-conditioning. Their pipe system actually serves as a hotbed for fungi and bacteria while air friction at the same time destroys negative ions. Subsequently the air fluctuating in the premises is depleted of negative ions but “enriched” with bacteria. There has been a well-known BBC case when in their London premises the activity of bacteria Legionella Pneumophila caused the death of three employees.

Negative ions benefits

Negative ions are a foundation for many functions of the body, thus we feel exceptionally well and relaxed when they are abundant. Some negative ions in indoor spaces are spent for purifying air, others latch on every positively charged object and they remain adhered to it due to their electric charge, so less and less ions remain in the air that we breathe. There are 50,000 negative ions per cm3 near waterfalls, 4,000 negative ions per cm3 at the lake, while indoor air often holds below 200 negative ions / cm3. We improve this numbers substantially as IONEX air ionizer produces 45 million negative ions / cm3/ s. This makes it the strongest on the market, essential in living and working spaces and your body’s best friend.

The result is a 100% percent clean air that is still filled with enough negative ions remaining for beneficial healing effects – they improve your body’s natural defence, strengthen your immune system and improve your vitality. Only a large amount of negative ions can enable people with asthma, allergies and high blood pressure to experience the beneficial effects ionization brings and even possibly eliminate the symptoms of these diseases.

Carbon Brush

Ionizers with metal needles or plasma membrane form oxides and produce ozone, which is harmful for people. One of the most important characteristics of our air ionizer IONEX is it emits the negative ions from the carbon fibre brush, thus the long-term healthy use of the air ionizer IONEX is guaranteed. Another important fact is that the element emitting negative ions must be visible on the outside of the ionizer; it must not be placed inside, because otherwise the negative ions are destroyed on their way towards the exit.

Silent operation

Loud appliances are always troublesome, especially at night in the bedroom (for patients with allergic, asthma and high pressure diseases the ionizer has to work all trough the night), even if the sound is quiet, because constant sounds cause stress. Therefore the fans and unnecessary filters are not installed in the new IONEX air ionizer but still emit the maximum number of negative ions which enable healing effects on the body.

Therapeutic beneftis

World health institutes have proven that the negative ions have very positive medical effects on the human body, since they have a good influence on:

  • the nervous system – they reduce the effects of stress on the body (by lowering the level of serotonin 5-HT in the blood – a powerful versatile neurotic hormone which causes fatigue and depression),
  • the respiratory system – they prevent respiratory illnesses, such as colds, asthma and bronchitis (by lowering the level of histamine in the blood),
  • the thyroid gland, vitality and concentration,
  • the decrease of pain associated with migraines, injuries, burns,
  • the regulation of heart beat and blood pressure,
  • the lowering of the levels of histamine in allergens,
  • weather maladies such as headaches and they help to relieve tension, producing sounder sleep.

Therefore, negative ions work as medical instruments, which have a therapeutic effect on the human body; they improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and vitality of the cells, regulate pressure and pulse, thyroid functions and improve concentration and productivity, which is especially important for business and learning abilities.

The Slovenian manufacturer of IONEX air ionizers however, had dreamed even bigger and succeeded. Its so-called Leonardos method – the inhalation of the negative ions directly near the carbon brush, has resulted in a complete elimination of symptoms of asthma, allergies and high blood pressure. It therefore acts like a cure after one year of therapy (see references by the users).

The company IONEX keeps a record of feedbacks – favorable impact of negative ions as cures of many users who have allowed a public access to their statements and are available for review. Many doctors of cured patients, who came to learn about the favorable impact ionization has in the body, have become users of IONEX air ionizer themselves and also recommend it to their patients.

The Leonardos Method

Negative ion therapy is the same for asthma, allergy, bronchitis and hypertension patients. In young children, symptoms disappear within the first week. In persons who have had any of these diseases for a longer period of time, it takes up to 5 or 6 months, often happening that the symptoms do not occur anymore. According to an American study, patients older than 80, have healed from the thirty and more years of persisting symptoms.

It is important to emphasize that ionic therapy has no unwanted side effects, as occur when consuming conventional drugs or sprays. The inhalation is needed every day, preferably 2-3 hours per day, for example, in the evening while watching TV, reading or learning. Overnight it is necessary to have an ionizer placed on a nightstand or very near your bed.

Feedback from customers confirms the excellence and efficiency of the appliance. It can work day and night – just plug it into an electrical grid, put it on a higher place and let it work. It can be used anywhere in an indoor space.